Hug A Monster Day: A History in Photos

Grumpy Cat and Bride

Intergalactic Hug a Monster Day has a rich and storied history. The holiday takes place on July 27 every year as a celebration for all the great monsters in our lives. Because monsters are people, too! We encourage you to take your favorite monster (toy) with you to work, school, …

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Hug A Monster Day: A History in Pictures

As we gear up for Hug A Monster Day 2012, we have a lot of great things planned! Keep a close eyeball on Stuff Monsters Like for updates, information about our photo contest, and some do-it-yourself craft projects, specially designed by the minions at the SML Haunted Mansion and Blog …

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Announcing Hug A Monster Day 2011

Franklin and Frankenstein, July 27, 1782

July 27 Because Monsters are People Too Join us this day to show appreciation to the monsters in our lives. Take your favorite monster (or monster toy) with you to work, school, or play. Show it off. Amaze your friends. Baffle your boss. Frighten your psychiatrist. And don’t forget to …

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