Hellhounds Handbook: The Afterlife Rocks in Moldova

I’ve always thought lying around in a pine box for all eternity with nothing to read would get kind of boring after a few centuries. If I were dead, I would want visitors to come and see me. And it would be even better if they brought food and drinks....

Send Your Hug A Monster Day Photos Today!

Act now! Send your Hug A Monster Day photos to SML for your chance to win big! Okay, maybe you won’t win “big,” per se. But we are giving away prizes, and the winners will be featured on the prestigious SML site – where dignitaries and ambassadors go for their...


Stuff Monsters Like’s Head Monsters, mansion of minions, and esteemed house guests and mascots wish you and yours a very Happy Hug A Monster Day! This year, we’d like to remind you of two contests we’re running in honor of the great, intergalactic holiday. Monster Treasure Hunt for Free Cash...

SML has a Season Pass to the Darkman Series

The Head Monsters of SML, Jimmy and Sarah, were guests this week on the Asheville, NC-based podcast, Season Pass. Season Pass is a regular podcast about TV shows that lasted one season or less. The show’s hosts dig deep into the vast history of unaired television pilots, shows cut short...

Hunt for our Monsters, Find Free Cash! ~ This Sunday for Hug A Monster Day

Attention Asheville treasure hunters! We are giving away free cash this Sunday to help celebrate Intergalactic Hug A Monster Day. To play the game, just follow SML on Twitter (@monsterstuff) or Facebook (facebook.com/stuffmonsterslike), solve our riddles, and run to claim your cash. We will start releasing clues early Sunday afternoon...

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