Celeb Interview: Bo Blackburn, Lead Investigator of Myst3ry, Inc.

Bo Blackburn is a Lead Investigator with Myst3ry, Inc., a nonprofit paranormal investigation organization based in the Mid-Atlantic. Their main mission is to assist those who believe they have had a paranormal encounter, including sightings of ghosts, cryptids, and UFOs. The group also manages ghost tours in Winston-Salem, NC, and...

343. Monsters Like Commemorating Famous Zombies

Happy Easter, all you boys and ghouls. After all, it’s our second favorite day celebrating the living dead.

342. Monsters Like When You Can’t Wait to Open Our Surprise Gifts

341. Monsters Like Changing the Carpets

It’s that time of year again – the time for Spring Cleaning! That means dusting off all the cobwebs in the corners, cleaning out the closets, and brutally murdering the unwelcoming new neighbors. Oh! And don’t forget. Let’s change the carpets. It will be easier than scrubbing out the blood....

Too Bad to Notice, Too Good to Miss: An SML Review of Ed Wood’s “Bride of the Monster”

Unless you’re a fan of 50s-era film auteur Edward D. Wood, Jr., you have probably not come across Bride of the Monster (1955). Wood is best known as the master of schlocky genre films, posthumous recipient of the Golden Turkey Award for Worst Director of All Time, and cult following...

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